AeroDOT roars into 2022 with a NEW comprehensive portfolio of training programmes, technical support services and fresh stock/equipment


Material Management


Aircraft/engine parts, tooling and GSE - bought, sold and exchanged


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What We Do

Technical Support

  • Bespoke Project Management - supporting many aspects of Aerospace Engineeering, Operations and Support
  • Technical Consultancy - offering complementary expertise and experience in a number of specialist aviation fields
  • Ad-Hoc Tasking - providing one-off or serial tasks to in-fill, support or enhance manpower gaps or shortages

Compliance Support

  • Exposition Review - ensuring all aspects of an MOE, CAME, POE or MTOE are current and compliant
  • Exposition Creation - ensuring exposition content is 'fit for purpose' prior to NAA initial application, major amendment or variation

Training Support

  • Training Systems Architecture - maintenance of a 'training culture' in support of exposition commitments. High level proactive planning as opposed to reactive 'fire-fighting'
  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA) - professional assessment of Skills, Knowledgs and Competency gaps and developing effective action plans
  • Training Programmes Delivery - providing standardised technical training solutions
  • Bespoke Training Programmes - creating focussed courses that are valid and contextualised to the organisation
  • On Job Training - supervison of OJT provision, including Coaching, Mentoring and delivery of Train the Trainer (TTT) programmes 

AeroDOT continues to develop new, updated and exciting solutions for the new challenges and opportunities ahead.  Our portfolio of Training Programmes continue to evolve and expand ...

  • Aircraft and Engine General Familiarisation (GenFam) - All
  • Borescope Inspections (BSI) and Training - Borescope UK
  • EASA Part M, Part 145, Part 147, Part 21 - Exposition Training and Support (including implementation and audit)
  • Continuing Airworthiness - CAMO/AMP/Reliability Training and Support (including implementation and audit)
  • Part CAMO (Part M Subpart G) and Part CAO (Part M Subpart F) Transition
  • Regulatory - Human Factors, SFAR88, EWIS etc
  • EASA Part 66 - Module Delivery and Tutorial Support - All Modules

Many online and remote delvery options available

Please ask for full details about any of the above

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AeroDOT Limited is a UK based Company providing specialised support and technical solutions to the Aerospace Industry Globally ... Expertise in Aerospace Project & Business Support in terms of Development, Operations and Training

What We Do ...

Commercial, Military and General Aviation (GA) Solutions ... Please click on our CAPABILITY GALLERY to view some of our recent work and get a taste of what we can offer ... "Use a picture - it's worth a thousand words." -  Arthur Brisbane


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Although UK based, our capabilities transcend the Globe.


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A small but dedicated team of Professional Aerospace Engineers and Project Managers - all highly qualified, with vast commercial and military aviation industry experience.