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AeroDOT Limited is a UK based Company providing specialised support and technical solutions to the Aerospace Industry Globally ... Expertise in Aerospace Project & Business Support in terms of

Development, Operations and Training

Take a look at our latest stocklist - Sales, Wants & Lease page ... Many interesting items - together with New Year Offers!

2019 - Latest News

AeroDOT roars into 2019 with a comprehensive portfolio of training programmes, technical support services and new stock ...

Capability and Ability ...


What We Do ...

Commercial, Military and General Aviation (GA) Solutions ... Please click on our CAPABILITY GALLERY to view some of our recent work and get a taste of what we can offer ... "Use a picture - it's worth a thousand words." -  Arthur Brisbane


Where We Operate ...

Although UK based, our capabilities transcend the Globe.


When We Are Available ...

Simply - 24-7-365.


Who We Are ...

A small but dedicated team of Professional Aerospace Engineers and Project Managers - all highly qualified, with vast commercial and military aviation industry experience.



Material Management



Aircraft/engine parts, tooling and GSE - bought, sold and swapped


Commission and consignment stock sales always undertaken


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